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Outside Vendor and Parking Map for 2021 Season
1. TBD 

2. TBD

3. Barefoot Farmer (May 16th) / TBD

4. Market Manager

5. Hock Newberry Farm

6.Q&H Grill

7 and 8. Rivera’s Produce

9. Llamacita 

10. Mellowood 

11. Valley Creekside Farm

12. Taste of Old Country

13. Bad Ass Pickles

14. Tesza
15. Great Harvest Bread Co.

16 and 17.  Santa Cruz Produce

18. Memi’s Co.

19.Lavender Bliss Cottage 

20. Fresh Squeezed

SB. Martin’s Angus Beef & Lamb

21. Rock Run Creek Farm

22. J. Bird Supply

23 and 24.  C. Hess Orchard & Produce

25. Living Springs Microgreens (part-time)

26. Oompah’s Udderly Delicious

27. Hi Foods Today

28. My Buddy’s Nuts
Inside Big Barn Map for 2021 Season
L1. Four Leaf Clover

L2. Laurel Woods Farm

L3. Timber Ridge Woodworking & Design
(formerly Mountain Happy Crafts)

L4. Mad Magic Kombucha

L5. Skyline CBD (starts May 9th)
(formerly Aromatic Synergy)

L6.  Storage Room

L7. Windy Acres

L8. PorkStork

L9. Quail & Hound

L10. Custom Oak Furniture
R1. Salsa Las Glorias

R2. Piedmont Permaculture

R3. Jerry’s Berries & Ferments

R4. Black Haw Blossom Farm

R5. Copper Fox Shoppe

R6. Backroad Bagels

R7. Pearmund Cellars / Time for a Tasting

R8. Countryside Confections

R9. House of Empanadas

R10. Coming soon!

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